Who is the SAIMC

The SAIMC was first registered in 1962 with a motto that is translated as "Progress by Control". Since its humble beginnings in the offices at the SAIEE it has grown to the place where it is now the representative of major control and automation industries in South Africa.

The last five years has seen the SAIMC grow into a formidable force in the Industrial Automation Industry participating in automation fairs, standards bodies, tertiary education institutions, government and even local FIRST competitions like FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge.

The SAIMC was accepted as a Voluntary Association with ECSA and has also been given a place on the Board of the Automation Federation giving it world-wide acceptance as a representative of our Industrial Automation Industry. In addition part of the SAIMC strategy objectives is to register Control & Instrumentation as a recognized Engineering discipline with ECSA.

Our members consist of National and Branch Patron members which includes many of the known names in industry as well as individuals such as engineers, technologists, technicians, artisans and affiliates.

The main goal of the SAIMC is to play their part in making their members successful. This is done by means of:

  • - Identifying critical skills for South Africa
  • - Ensuring our members have access to training on the latest technologies
  • - Exchanging ideas and learning from each other
  • - Providing assistance to those individuals who need to register as Engineering Professionals
  • - Assisting companies to develop programmes that will allow their staff to register professionally
  • - Introducing the industry to schools and tertiary institutions
  • - Assisting Tertiary Institutions to identify and meet the training needs for the Industrial Automation Industry
  • - Working with SABS for the development and adoption of SANS Standards