SAIMC in a Nutshell

2. Where does SAIMC fit in?

3. Objectives

The objectives of actions of the SAIMC are depicted below graphically: 


The principal activities of the SAIMC include transforming the Automation Industry for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa. This is done via technical evenings, site visits, working with regulatory-, standards- and educational bodies to improve the level of Automation education, training and practice.

To this end the SAIMC has powerful allies in its National and Branch Patron members that assists and enables it to reach its goals.

There are many advantages of joining forces with the SAIMC as a member, such as:

  • Adding weight to the SAIMC when it comes to participating in discussions about education and training within our industry and commenting on legal and other issues that impacts the industry
  • Adding weight behind the SAIMC when they represent this industry in identifying the reservation of work when it comes to professionals within the industry.
  • Cost savings when your company and each employee needs to register their training programs for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) purposes for the professional individuals working in their industry
  • Participation in the various promotions obtained by the SAIMC.
  • Exchanging ideas with people working in this industry while at the same time adhering to the strict Code of Conduct of the SAIMC.

Education of people within our industry as well as their registration and what work will be reserved for registered professionals in each category is governed by various acts including the Engineering Professions Act of 2000. ECSA and the various voluntary associations (of which the SAIMC is one) are responsible for many tasks in this act.

The SAIMC also taps in to the vast resources of the ISA and Automation Federation for training material and certifications for our members.

4. What is Industrial Automation?