SAIMC in a Nutshell

3. Objectives

4. Industrial Automation

The images below depict industries in which Industrial Automation may typically be found along with different components which it traditionally incuded. However with the advent of 4th Industrial revolution on our door step it is envisaged Industrial Automation will be impacted significantly as per

Industrie4.0   Industrie4 1

There is some confusion about Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0. (Industrie is not spelt incorrectly as it has its origin in Germany).

To put it very simply:

  1. Since its humble beginnings computer chips has developed at an ever increasing pace.
  2. After the invent of the internet, it became possible for these chips to communicate with each other, starting the Internet of Things concept. To what extent this is implemented, is totally dependant on the imagination of the manufacturers and others.
  3. With these chips communicating over the internet, it became possible to capture the information they are sending to each other and creating the concept of Big Data.
  4. With all of this technology advances, companies have started to integrate their processes and made the fourth industrial revolusion a distinct possibility

It is important to realize that there are companies that are not interested in all the possibilities that are created by these technologies. Countries with a very low skilled labor count might be reluctant to climb on the Automation bandwagon and their products will become more and more costly when compared to countries who embraced Automation. This will cause a downward spiral for some and an upward spiral for others.

5. Strategic Objectives