SAIMC in a Nutshell

6. Professional

7.1. Education

The SAIMC is committed to see to it that Automation plays a major role within the education space. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the SAIMC recognizes that if the young and upcoming engineers, technologists and technicians are not equipped for this revolution in South Africa, South Africa will remain a major exporter of raw material.

Education forms the basis from which technical people can launch various initiatives for South Africa to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are in discussions now to formalize education and training within the following context:

The basis of the discussions is the fact that Automation spans various disciplines and has become so specialized that it could be possible for a new discipline to be formed called Automation with specialties in Mechanical (Mechatronics), Chemical process control (known as C&I), Manufacturing (MOM / MES) etc. Countries like Germany and others are being sponsored by their governments to look at Industrie 4.0 while the US has formed the Automation Federation of which the SAIMC is part.

7.2. Automation Federation

The SAIMC has joined the ranks of the Automation Federation together with ISA in order to formalize the education and training of people in our industry. The following roles have already been defined together with the curriculums and job descriptions:

Current Defined Automation Positions

·         Automation Technician

·         Control Software Engineer

·         Control Systems Engineer

·         Advanced Control Engineer

·         Enterprise Integration Engineer

·         Automation Network Engineer

·         Automation Sales-Marketing Professional

The Model

Competency Model

The SAIMC is currently working on ways this can be implemented within South Africa, much the same way as Project Management PMI is being implemented.

7.3. FIRST Lego League / FIRST Tech Challenge



Inspiration &

Recognition of

Science &


The SAIMC has built a trailer for the First Lego League for taking this to schools who cannot afford their own First Lego League sets.

 FLL Trailer Small

When the First Lego league heard of this, they donated all the sets for the trailer!

The trailer was officially commissioned in 2012 with the funds the SAIMC has received from Patron Membership fees.

Since then the SAIMC has contributed towards these programs on a regular basis and has also encouraged our Patron Members to do the same.

7.4. Tertiary Technical Education

The SAIMC maintains a close working relationship with Tertiary institutions with a view to supporting their facilities and course structures so that they are able to produce graduates who are capable of producing useful work with minimal delay after they have qualified. Funds have been supplied to assist some establishments with the provision of laboratories dedicated to automation and allied disciplines, and this is an ongoing process.

Senior representatives from the SAIMC conduct seminars and lectures for students specializing in the aforementioned disciplines to prepare them for their early days when they enter the industrial environment.

The SAIMC is represented on Industry Liaison Boards of some universities and aims to expand their influence to contribute to other universities.

8. Standards