SAIMC in a Nutshell

7. Education and Training

8. Standards

In 2014 the SAIMC successfully lobbied the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to create two technical committees (TC’s) for Automation and Control Standards. These TC’s mirrored the International Electro-Technical Commission’s (IEC’s) Technical Committees:

  • TC065 (IEC TC031 mirror committee)
  • TC165 (IEC TC065 mirror committee)

As a result, the SAIMC is now the driver of the adoption/modification of international standards!

Also: SC165A,B,C,E, IEC61158, EC60654, IEC60584, IEC61131, IEC61326, IEC60534, IEC62337, IEC62381, IEC62382, IEC61512, IEC62541, IEC62264, IEC62061, IEC61513

9. Call to Action