FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Sponsorship

Many of you may know that the SAIMC has been supporting the FIRST Lego League (FLL) in SA over a number of years. This support has been via a purpose built trailer to take the Lego Kits around the country so that under-privileged children can also participate. In 2009 we had an all black team of primary school children win locally and come second in Europe where the international competition was held. This year you will see on the site that 3 teams will travel to the USA to compete against the world’s best.

Now once these primary school children outgrow the FLL they will need a bigger challenge if we are to keep them interested in engineering. This challenge is offered by the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) which is aimed at grade 10 -12 learners. Johannes De Vries is also the operational partner for FTC and has advised that in order to get the competition up and running in 2014, 12 teams will be required. Each team will need sponsorship of R25 000 and this is over and above the initial R100 000 licensing and admin fee. The IIG has assisted with the R100 000 for the licensing and start-up costs. The SAIMC is proud to announce that we will also be sponsoring R100 000 toward this competition. Obviously this is not enough and we appeal to the industry stake holders to assist with sponsoring the balance of the required funds. Please contact our secretariat for the details in order to assist.