Johannesburg News:


At the August Technology Evening, Clint Viviers of Vega walked us through the rights and wrongs of using ‘Nuclear Radiation for Level and Density Measurement’.

Clint covered practical as well as theoretical aspects of radiation theory and regulations. The basic principles of nuclear radiation as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and isotope decay were considered. Clint explained the difference between exposure and contamination and how the measuring instrument’s container should protects humans from the radioactive energy of the nuclear source in the device.


Some of the advantages of nuclear instrumentation are non invasive use in vessels or pipes, installation is possible with no process interruption, low installation costs, no moving parts and minimum maintenance.

The technology is normally deployed in extreme applications when nothing else will work: extreme temperatures, high pressure, corrosive volatile products, internal obstructions and interior product build-up. Correct application selection and installation, calibration methods and maintenance were discussed, and the rules and regulations were stressed. The Johannesburg branch thanks Clint for this informative presentation.