Part Time Work while completing Post Grad studies

10 months 3 weeks ago #53 by JohanGT
Dear Mr Weidemann,

I attended the guest lecture of Mr Maharaj at the UP lecture in automation. You gave me your card and told me to send you an email regards opportunity for part time work while still pursuing my post-graduate studies.

I am currently doing my final module for my undergraduate degree in electronic engineering and will graduate in the middle of this year. My final year project was on multi-way power amplifiers for RF and mmWave frequencies and was done on 2016. Thus I am going to pursue the fileld of micro-electronic and electro-magnetic technologies in my post graduate degree.

Is there any opportunities in this line of research in one of the affiliated companies of the SAIMC, for part time or vacation work?

Kindest regards,
Hendrik Petrus Nel (Rikus)