Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies

Street: 19 Truman Road, Padfield Park
Postcode: 3600
City: Pinetown
Country: South Africa
Phone: 031 701 4861
Fax: 031 702 9819
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Products/Services offered:

Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies offers a "complete sensor application solution", specializing in instrumentation and automation control, process level control and level measurement (continuous, switch point, ultrasonic, radar, guided microwave, capacitance, vibration, conductive and TAG level switches). Included in our range are photoelectric sensors, optical sensors, infrared sensors, light barriers, safety light curtains, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, fork sensors, frame sensors and magnetic switches. Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies are committed to top quality products, excellent service and first class back up support and a fully trained sales network country wide