2022 AGM

AGM 2022 Votes: Clarification Notes


The survey refers to National Members of the SAIMC, previously known as National Patron Members. The name was changed after the Industrial Instrumentation Group, consisting of Supplier MD’s, joined the SAIMC and formed the SAIMC Supplier Advisory Council. They thought that the word “Patron” (Wikipedia: “A patron is a person or organization that supports another”) indicates that National Members are supporting the SAIMC rather than being a part of the SAIMC.

National Members are divided into two groups although they are all National Members:

  • Those that form part of the Supplier Advisory Council consisting of OEM’s
  • Those that feel that they should join as National Members because they have a nation – wide footprint, such as Technews, end users, system integrators etc.


When a National Member joins the SAIMC, they receive one free seat on any meeting where they can vote at any SAIMC meeting on behalf of their company.

The Identification of Engineering Work has now been gazetted which means the Engineering Professions Act of 2000 can now be implemented, meaning that people who are doing engineering work at technician, Technologist or Engineer levels that are not registered with ECSA could face a fine up to twice the salary they earned while doing that work – see https://www.ecsa.co.za/default.aspx or Professional Registration on our website for more information.

The SAIMC can guide these people on their road to registration as well as support them with CPD activities to remain registered. For this, they obviously need to be a member of the SAIMC as well as a member of ECSA. Because the SAIMC is registered as a Voluntary Association with ECSA, our members receive a discount from ECSA that is close to the actual SAIMC annual fees. (Why join another Voluntary Association just so you can pay more?)

To make it easier for our National Members since they have so many employees doing “engineering work”, we are considering giving each National Member 10 sponsored membership seats, i.e. they supply us with up to ten names of their employees working in our field that we will include as part of their national membership fees, i.e. 10 free seats.

Since the SAIMC is now working at international (EU Chamber, German Chamber, Automation Federation, ISA etc.) and government (DTIC, CSIR, DHET, NSTF, New Technologies etc.) levels, it is important for the SAIMC to have a broad representation of our industry and its members and therefore the drive to get more companies joining the SAIMC as National and Regional (previously Branch Patron) Members. At the same time, it makes it cheaper for the National and Regional Members and increases our member count on all levels.


The SAIMC is attempting to get tertiary education institutions to adopt their courses so that they can provide “products” that industry requires – hence the establishment of a Supplier Advisory Council, an Education and Training Advisory Council as well as an End User Advisory Council.

Didactic Membership is open to those education institutions that cover all categories included within the B-BBEE codes. These include TVET’s, SAQA accredited institutions, universities, private education institutions that provide Basic Adult Education and training programs etc. 

It is expected that a Didactic Member will establish a local branch of the SAIMC. In doing this, they can attract industry speakers on the latest technologies at a time that suits the Didactic Member and its members.

As with all Regional Membership fees, the fees are not retained by EXCO but will be forwarded to the Didactic branch to boost the finances of the individual Didactic committee in the form of a “branch sponsorship”.

It is not sufficient that a lecturer commits to these changes as they do not have the authority to make these types of decisions within the tertiary education institutions. We need tertiary education (private institutions included) to commit and by joining the SAIMC as a Didactic Member, they are showing this commitment.

The SAIMC also understands that tertiary education cannot make drastic changes overnight since there are ECSA requirements, lecturer competence and knowledge, laboratory equipment etc. to consider.

The proviso is that the Didactic Member will forward the names of the didactic members to the SAIMC and that these individual members will all register on the SAIMC website as Didactic Members of the institution. 

We are setting up a SAIMC Trust Fund funded by the B-BBEE contributions of contributors to set up bursaries for those who will be studying at these institutions who have committed to address this industry’s requirements.

For those that join, their lecturers and students in our field will become members of the SAIMC at no cost.

The Didactic Membership fees and status within the SAIMC will be the same as for Regional Members.

AGM 2022 Votes: Results


National Members to receive 10 free Corporate Memberships for their employees involved in our industry.

  • Yes = 83%
  • No = 17%

Establish a virtual branch for all those individuals who cannot attend a physical branch meetings. All rules regarding the management of the branch and election of committee members remain the same. 

Yes = 86%

No = 14%


Creating a Didactic Membership level on the same level as the Regional Membership for education and training institutions who is prepared to work with the SAIMC to develop “products” that industry requires.

Lecturers and students (within our field) membership fees are waivered for Didactic Members.

  • Yes = 88%
  • No = 12%

Any other issues to be considered by the SAIMC EXCO?

  • A number of hybrid meetings have been held, and this seems to work well. Instead of a dedicated virtual branch, just give all the existing branches facilities to add a virtual presence.
  • What about establishing a portal whereby members can download essential C&I documentation, e.g. standards, job specs, typical loops, etc. The USA’s ISA website has it for paid-up members, very handy feature.
  • The need for the SAIMC to demonstrate their value proposition for prospective members.
  • Review Responsibilities for Advisory Councils and their mandate. Monitor their activities and impact.
  • Sort out ECSA membership and category, discourage “Stop” Instrument People from joining other VA’s



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