Many people with impressive academic qualifications have contracting opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic. This is definately not a field in which the SAIMC speciliaze in and therefore we are only concentrating on making sure we, our families and our members stay safe.

It is in line with this aim that we as the SAIMC have investigated ways of making it possible for our members to make use of technologies at our disposal to keep on doing business as effective and efficiently as we can while adhering strictly to the rules, regulations and guidance provided by our government.

Looking at other countries, it seems like it will take some time before we will have meetings and functions as usual – there is going to be a new “usual”, an environment that we are not familiar with.

Johan Maartens


Medical Grade Materials

  • We require medical grade materials in South Africa – silicones, plastics, N95 filter materials, etc.

Manufacturing of Masks

  • Companies with the ability to manufacture or supply N95 (or equivalent) materials for masks.  Ideally, materials that can prevent 0.1micron droplets from being inhaled, however N95 (0.3micron) is better than nothing
Project Management
  • Any resources that may be available to support project management programs and projects from a medical development point of view, especially on the Siemens PLM platform.

Please contact Elizabeth Wolmarans:

Ventilators and PAPS



The device is bluetooth and record any interaction with another device coming within 2 meters. This is ideal for employers or communities that want to build a contact tracing record, in case someone gets infected. Then it is easy to get the contact record form the device and discretely notify those previously in contact to initiate isolation protocol. We have already had a lot of interest from factories and the mines so building an order batch. Please help us to reduce the load on the medical authorities when they need to do contact tracing.


Bulk PPE, Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Contact Natalie at



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