CPD Q and A

I want to register a course for CPD purposes. How do I do that?

Please follow this link to register your company as a CPD Service Provider and register the event: Register an event for CPD 

But what if our course will be an on-line course (for CPD purposes)?

In the case of online courses, seminars etc., there is the option to send admin@saimc.co.za a document with questions and multiple-choice answers. These will be uploaded to our website under QUIZZES.

Attendees can then complete the survey and if successful, they will receive an electronic certificate with the CPD number on that they can upload to the ECSA website.

Which CPD courses has SAIMC registered and who gives them?

Can I get any CPD points for presenting at engineering conferences or poster presentations?

Papers presented at engineering conferences / congresses or poster presentations (1 credit each) in Category 3

Also see ECSA rules on CPD

How do I log points on the ECSA website?

  1. You should have received an e-mail from ECSA giving you your registration details for the ECSA portal when you registered with ECSA. If you do not have it, please contact ECSA.
  2. Log points on the ECSA website
  3. You will be required to upload your certificate when you apply for your points.

What are the rules surrounding CPD?

What is the cost of getting a course assessed for CPD purposes?

  1. Presentations for Technical Evenings (1 hour) is free of charge
  2. During the COVID pandemic, 2 hour webinars will also be done free of charge



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