CPD: Registering a course


The company presenting the CPD course must first be registered as a CPD Service Provider.

All that is required for this step, is to complete form ECPD9 – CPD Service Provider Application

Please complete and send back to SAIMC 


Evidence of being an ECSA CPD Licensed Body in good standing (after registration was accepted and needs to be provided for each subsequent course). Evidence of being registered as a CPD Service Provider (SAIMC is the CPD Assessment Provider) together with the supporting documents identified in the CPD QMS

STEP 1: Getting the Event Assessed

Please download this Excel spreadsheet to get the event assessed for CPD purposes: ECDP7 4.54

  1. Send your advertisement PLUS the program / agenda to admin@saimc.co.za.
  2. This will give us sufficient information so that we can send you a quote
  3. If you accept the quote, you need to send us all the material that will be presented at the event for assessment
  4. After the assessment, you will be sent an invoice with the CPD number.
  5. After your payment is received, SAIMC will forward the documentation to ECSA to upload to their website.

STEP 2: Register the Presenter / Trainer

  • Name and Contact details: Details of the presenter must include the title, name and contact details.
  • CV:The presenter’s expertise must be provided in the form of a CV to include experience and educational achievements.
  • Certified ID: A certified copy of his/her ID is also required.
  • Availability of Presenter: Availability for the period of the activity must be confirmed by the presenter as a signed attachment.
  • Change of Presenters: Should the presenter be changed due to unforeseen circumstances, the details of the new presenter must be submitted to ECSA for review together with the motivation for the change.

STEP 3: The Event

  1. Each attendee needs to be supplied with the following:
    1. Attendance certificate with the CPD number provided by the SAIMC on the bottom right-hand corner
    2. Feedback form that needs to be sent to admin@saimc.co.za after completion
  2. You need to keep a record of all the attendees. We recommend you send this to admin@saimc.co.za for record keeping should ECSA decided on an audit
  3. You need to provide information as to how you are going to ensure that each attendee attended the course.
    1. A test is a good way of providing evidence that not only did the person attend, but that they got to grips with the material
    2. You could send a list of multiple choice questions to admin@saimc.co.za who will place it on our website. A certificate is automaticall generated if the attendee obtains more than 80%.

STEP 4: After the Event

Attendees then log their points on the ECSA website. (They should have received an e-mail from ECSA giving them their registration details for the ECSA portal when they registered with ECSA).

New rules have been Gazetted regarding the CPD activities – see CPD Gazetted Rule4



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