1. Why is the SAIMC a Voluntary Association of ECSA?

Through ECSA we are driving recognition of Automation as a seperate engineering discipline

To assist ECSA in assessments etc. for Automation staff that want to register as professionals.

So that our members who are registered as professionals may obtain a discount from ECSA.

2. What does ECSA know about Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control?

There is a misconception that ECSA has employed many different engineering professionals. This is not true.

ECSA uses people like you and me who are registered as professionals and has experience in your field to assist in the evaluation of the  candidates’ experience. 

3. Why is ECSA placing restrictions on the SAIMC?

ECSA needs to ensure that engineers, technologists and technicians have the theoretical knowledge as well as the experience to apply engineering principles in professional manner. 

The purpose and function of the VA is to support ECSA in this drive within their unique area of expertise.

4. How can SAIMC assist me with ECSA registration?

  1. The SAIMC has identified the basis document that you need to complete. This document, if completed properly, will contain the most important facts required for your registration and is used extensively by the Assessors during the evaluation of your experience.
  2. The SAIMC has also populated this template with examples to show you the type of information that will be required in this document and what type of information is “for information only”.
  3. Once you have completed this document, you can send that to Admin who will arrange for your document to be assessed before you finalise this document and complete all the other documents required by the registration process.

5. How do I log CPD points on ECSA website?

ECSA online system can be accessed by clicking on this link.

The new ECSA online platform was launched at the end of March 2018 and registered persons with valid email addresses were sent an invitation that needed to be redeemed.

Stakeholders (registered persons) who did not receive the email, please contact engineer@ecsa.co.za to confirm your valid email address.

Please note that initially stakeholders have to redeem their invitation to obtaining access to the portal and not register as that would create two profiles and make it difficult to ensure one profile for an individual.

Also see ECSA Q&A

6. Can I get any points for presenting at engineering conferences or poster presentations?

Papers presented at engineering conferences / congresses or poster presentations (1 credit each) in Category 3

Also see ECSA rules on CPD