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When Amateurs Implement 4IR

Let me take one step back: When the Open Office Plan was introduced, amateurs thought that it meant breaking down all the walls, create one or two boardrooms / meeting rooms and whalla - "I also implemented the Open Office Plan"! Then started the chaos of too few rooms, noisy telephone conversations, work conversations, lack of security etc.

Fast forward to 4IR: One of the advantages of the new technologies is that it becomes possible to implement the idea of Shared Services. Immediately the amateurs can be identified: Get rid of people you do not want, promote others that you cannot get rid of  to where they can no longer harm your core business and then send all the others to the Shared Services. The idea of these amateurs is that if you have a lot of people in one place, they can do more work. For some reason they think that by pooling resources, you need less without implementing systems that enable them to work smarter.

Even worse, some amateurs think that it a good idea to implement a new, "better" system at the same time, expecting the people to learn this new system, manually iron out / override all the bugs AND do the work of two or three people. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the newly appointed managers, without having sufficient training in their new roles, expect the fewer people to learn the new system while doing the work the old way.

Some IT companies are nototrious designers of systems that are implemented in the hope that end users will identify all the weaknesses, manually override them while still keeping up to date with the company's targets and goals. This leads to an incredible increase in manual labor while the approvers of the system are quite happy that they have now implemented an automated system that is cost effective and accurate. The designers of the software thinks: "It worked in the test environment, why will it not work world-wide?"

When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?