Industrial Instrumentation Group


Objectives of IIG

  • To promote and secure the interests of all participants who are affiliated members of the IIG of South Africa.

  • To promote, support, or oppose, if necessary, in the interests of the industry, any legislation or regulation introduced by Government, Provincial or local Government bodies, including any international organisations, which could affect the IIG’s members.

  • To raise funds by Entrance Fees and/or Special Subscriptions for securing of the objective of the IIG which shall include the right to recover monies due to the IIG.

  • To foster or stimulate the proficiency of production, the demand for product and services into the process automation and industrial markets as a whole.

  • To foster and promote relations between the role players in the industry as well as between members of the affiliated members of the IIG.

  • To encourage a code of conduct of members of the affiliated members of the IIG such as to command the confidence and respect of the public in general.

  • To do such other lawful things as may appear to be in the interests of the affiliated members of the IIG. 


Contact Detail

Chair: Barend Niemand 

E-Mail: barend.niemand@comtest.co.za


Secretary: Dee Botha

E-Mail: dee@sasisa.co.za