The SAIMC joined forces with the NTIP Program after it became apparent that they had an excellent track record when it came to the education and training of expertise required by the tooling industry.

Progress Report

The NTIP program has been stalled due to a lack of funds. Education and training is so serious to the SAIMC that the SAIMC has decided to investigate an alternate route that should have similar benefits and enable us to link up with the NTIP as soon as they are ready to accommodate the Automation industry.

We are establishing a team that will be working on this program. The aim is to have a program available for implementation by the middle of November 2019 so that companies can start optimising their Skills Development and B-BBEE spend as well as their tax obligations while at the same time obtaining skilled staff for our industry from established tertiary education institutions.

The teams are:

  • Finance. Their task will be to:
    • Evaluate and establish financial processes and models that will enable industry to contribute optimally to the goals of industry and the goals of the country
  • Industry Education: This team will consist of Heads of Education within industry. Their task will be to:
    • Evaluate the content of each course provided by education and establish whether this is acceptable
    • Develop with Tertiary Education changes that are needed or confirmation that an existing course is industry relevant
  • Tertiary Education: Their task will be to:
    • Arrange workshops with the SAIMC to align their programs with the industry’s requirements
    • Supply the SAIMC with detailed course content
    • To evaluate the input from Industry and make changes where it makes sense

The proposed program is as follows:

  • The SAIMC is working with two universities to re-position some of their courses in such a way that they are able to produce Automation graduates that will be acceptable to our industry
  • Education institutions need the SAIMC to provide them with students if they are to change their courses
  • We will choose deserving students from the SAIMC sponsored FIRST Tech Challenge program as well as other deserving (according to our members) students
  • Our members who are participating in this endeavour will then provide them with bursaries which they can then use for Skills Development etc. purposes (Category B). The spend includes:
    • costs of training materials
    • cost of trainers
    • costs of training facilities including costs of catering
    • scholarships and bursaries
    • course fees
    • accommodation and travel
    • administration costs such as organization of training including the cost to the company of employing a skills development facilitator or a training manager
    • salaries or wages paid to an employee participating in any Learning Programme only constitutes Skills Development Expenditure if the Learning Programme is a Learnership or falls within Category B, C or D of the Learning Programme Matrix.
  • The SAIMC will continue to monitor their progress and arrange for them to rotate between companies working with this program to provide them with industry related experience, on the job training and even company specific training courses. The funding of this will also be available for the purpose stated above.
  • The SAIMC will develop a Memorandum of Undertaking with the Engineering Council of South Africa that will provide the graduates with a program that can be used to ensure they are able to register as professionals with ECSA after 3 – 4 years
  • Once they have graduated, they will remain with the SAIMC and be rotated to companies to obtain experience as per the Memorandum of Undertaking. The same funding as above will be used (Category C)
  • After 3-4 years, they will be free to search for employment or start their own business.

As soon as we have detail about the financial viability of this program, we will start the workshops in earnest.



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