Education and Training Process

Education and Training Process – Draft

We are working with the Automation Federation in establishing an engineering discipline called “Automation”.

Here is the proposed process:

  1. The SAIMC is supporting the FIRST Tech Challenge competition (High School)
  2. From this we will select students to give them bursaries which our National members will pay for
  3. We will guide them to tertiary education institutions who are prepared to support us in this respect by developing curriculums that satisfy our requirements, the formal education requirements as well as the requirements of the Engineering Council of South Africa
  4. The SAIMC will then coordinate their work based training by rotating them to various companies and ensure that they get the correct experience during their education.
  5. After graduation, we will coordinate their rotation to companies. This will ensure that they get the correct experience to register as professionals with ECSA – which our National members will also pay for
  6. After they have completed this process, they can then apply for jobs in industry or start their own businesses

We need to understand how we can use the Skills Development, B-BBEE as well as SARS systems and programs to facilitate this.

If you can assist, please contact the SAIMC