Supplier Advisory Council

Chair: Frikkie Streicher

E-Mail: frikkie.streicher@vega.com

Secretary: Dee Botha

E-Mail: dee@sasisa.co.za

Objectives of the SAIMC Supplier Advisory Council

  • To promote and secure the interests of all participants who are affiliated members of the Industrial Instrumentation suppliers of South Africa.

  • To promote, support, or oppose, if necessary, in the interests of the industry, any legislation or regulation introduced by Government, Provincial or local Government bodies, including any international organisations, which could affect its’ members.

  • To raise funds by Entrance Fees and/or Special Subscriptions for securing of the objective of the Supplier Advisory Council which shall include the right to recover monies due to the Supplier Advisory Council

  • To foster or stimulate the proficiency of production, the demand for product and services into the process automation and industrial markets as a whole.

  • To foster and promote relations between the role players in the industry as well as between members of the affiliated members of the Supplier Advisory Council

  • To encourage a code of conduct of members of the affiliated members of the Supplier Advisory Council such as to command the confidence and respect of the public in general.

  • To do such other lawful things as may appear to be in the interests of the affiliated members of the Supplier Advisory Council. 

Membership Criteria

Any organization satisfying the following criteria may apply for membership of the Council:

  • Any OEM, major distributor or supplier of services that represents the interests of directly affected groups in the industrial automation industry may apply for membership of the Supplier Council.
  • Members of the Supplier Council must be National Members in good standing of the SAIMC
  • Members shall be individuals who represent their organizations as heads of those organizations and shall typically be the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, General Manager, Executive Director or Divisional Manager with equivalent responsibilities
  • Only National Members will qualify to apply for membership of the Supplier Council.
  • The President and CEO / COO of the SAIMC shall be an ex officio member of each Supplier Council Committee

Application for Membership

  1. Apply for National Membership of the SAIMC here
  2. If you are already a National Member of the SAIMC, an e-mail to the Chair of the SAC requesting to become a member of the SAC will suffice (please include your SAIMC number and please check the membership criteria).
  3. The SAC will then decide and inform you of the outcome

Membership Refusal

  • An applicant to whom admission to Membership is refused shall be entitled to a refund of any Entrance Fee and/or Subscriptions paid on application.
  • Such a member will retain the SAIMC membership status regardless of the outcome of the application although the SAIMC EXCO has the right to act on the information of the Supplier Council and review the applicant’s status within the SAIMC.
  • Any member who has resigned or been expelled from Membership of the Supplier Council may be re-admitted to Membership on such terms and conditions as the Supplier Council may determine.
  • The Supplier Council shall not be obliged to assign any reason for refusal/admission to membership.
  • Reasons for the refusal shall be submitted to the CEO.

Refusal Appeal

  • Should admission to membership be refused by the Supplier Council, the applicant shall have the right of appeal to the next annual general meeting of the Supplier Council.
    The decision of the Supplier Council at that meeting will be final and no further communications shall be entered into.


  • Any member may resign from the Supplier Council by giving written notice to the Supplier Council Secretary and the amount of any current Annual Subscription shall remain due and payable in full.
  • A member who resigns from Membership of the Supplier Council shall not have any claim on the Funds of the Supplier Council.
  • In the event of a member of the Supplier Council no longer being eligible for membership of a member organization he represents; he will vacate his seat or resign. A replacement will be elected at the next meeting of the Supplier Council. In the case of the member being part of the Council management committee, the Vice Chair will take over the responsibilities of the office in the interim.
  • Resignation from the Council is independent of SAIMC membership.