Education and Training Advisory Council


Dr. Christiaan C Oosthuizen [Ph.D.]

Academic Lecturer

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Tshwane University of Technology | Pretoria Campus

Tel: +27 (0)12 382 5163




CPD training offered by Members

Any member of the SAIMC with a registered CPD course, may list their course offering and contact details on this page. 

The current list can be downloaded below. This list was last updated December 2023.


The goals of the Education and Training Advisory Council is to consult with the Supplier Advisory Council, the End User Advisory Council and any other applicable Advisory Councils within the SAIMC to:

  • Gather industry’s training and education requirements.
  • Translate those requirements into actual education and training specifications (curriculums etc.) for use by education and training providers
  • Assess education institutions and recommend changes where necessary so that industry’s requirements are met
  • Determine assessment criteria together with the other Advisory Councils
  • Develop a certification system whereby institutions are rated according to the criteria developed by SAIMC’s Advisory Councils

Criteria for Membership

Any education institution satisfying the following criteria may apply for membership of the Education and Training Advisory Council:

  • Any provider of education or skills training
  • Members of the Education and Training Advisory Council must be members in good standing of the SAIMC
  • Members shall be individuals who represent their organizations as heads of those organizations, people who have the authority to take decisions regarding the content of their Skills or education development programs.
  • The CEO of the SAIMC shall be an ex officio member of each Education and Training Advisory Council

Application for Membership

Application for membership of the Council shall be made in writing, in compliance with the criteria set down by the Education and Training Advisory Council from time to time, to the Chair or Secretary of the Council.

Applicants shall be required to furnish such information as may be required by the Council.

Applications for membership of the Council shall be considered by the Council at the next meeting following receipt of such application by the Secretary

Acceptance of such application shall be by 90% majority of the members at the next meeting of the Council.

The Council shall not be obliged to assign any reason for refusal / admission to membership. Reasons for the refusal shall be submitted to the CEO.

Membership Refusal

Should admission to membership be refused by the Council, the applicant shall have the right of appeal to the next annual general meeting of the Council.

An applicant to whom admission to Membership is refused shall be entitled to a refund of any Entrance Fee and/or Subscriptions paid on application. Such a member will retain the SAIMC membership status regardless of the outcome of the application although the SAIMC EXCO has the right to act on the information of the Council and review the applicant’s status within the SAIMC.

Any member who has resigned or been expelled from Membership of the Council may be re-admitted to Membership on such terms and conditions as the Council may determine.


Any member may resign from the Council by giving written notice to the Council Secretary and the amount of any current Annual Subscription shall remain due and payable in full.

A member who resigns from Membership of the Council shall not have any claim on the Funds of the Council.



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