STEP 2: Register Event

STEP 2: Register the Event

  1. The Process

2. The Form:

  • Download ECPD 2 in which the applicant applies for the assessment of events using the “Unique Verification Number” you will receive after registering as a CPD Service Provider via ECPD7.

3. Quote:

Send your advertisement PLUS the program / agenda to This will give us sufficient information so that we can send you a quote.

4. Documents for Assessment

Should you accept the quote, you will need to send the following information:

  • CPD QMS: Your CPD Quality Management System (QMS). If you do not have one, you could use CPD QMS template and customize that for your environment. The CPD QMS must include:
    • Broad Outline of CPD events
    • Document and Data Control
      • Participant registration process
      • Method to obtain feedback
      • Method to ensure attendance
    • Scope
      • Registration Category (Prof. Eng., Prof Eng Technologist, Prof Eng Technician, Specified Category)
      • Discipline (Mechatronics, Factory Automation, Process Automation, Enterprise Integration Practitioner)
      • Area of specialization
      • Type of Program (Webinar, Lecture, Workshop, …)
  • Company Information
    • Company Registration
    • Company Profile
    • SARS Tax Clearance Certificate
  • The Trainer
    • Name and Contact details: Details of the presenter must include the title, name, and contact details.
    • CV: The presenter’s expertise must be provided in the form of a CV to include experience and educational achievements.
    • Certified ID: A certified copy of his/her ID is also required.
    • Availability of Presenter: Availability for the period of the activity must be confirmed by the presenter as a signed attachment.
    • Change of Presenters: Should the presenter be changed due to unforeseen circumstances; the details of the new presenter must be submitted to ECSA for review together with the motivation for the change.
  • The Event Material
    • All the material that will be presented
  • Registration of the Event
    • After successful assessment of the material, you will receive an invoice with the CPD number.
    • You will need to add the SAIMC CPD allocated number to their attendance certificates. They will need to upload the certificate to the ECSA portal to obtain recognition from ECSA.
    • After your payment is received, SAIMC will forward the documentation to ECSA to upload to their website.



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