Purpose of CPD


In order to do Engineering Work, it is a legal requirement that a person is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa as a Professional Engineer, a Professional Engineering Technologist or a Professional Engineering Technician – see the Engineering Professions Act 46 of 2000. By not being registered, the individual stands the risk of having to pay a fine equal to double his / her salary while doing that work.

In order to register and remain registered, it is compulsory for professionals to obtain CPD points. 


CPD is defined as the “systematic maintenance, improving and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout an engineer’s career” – Electricity and Control April 2007

“This is not a system designed by administrators. It was created by a team of engineers for engineers” – Johan Pienaar, the manager of registration at ECSA.

Registering a Course for CPD?

STEP 1: Please download this Excel spreadsheet if you would like a course assessed for CPD purposes: 2020 CPD Evaluation template v3

STEP 2: Send us your advertisement PLUS the program / agenda.

STEP 3: This will give us sufficient information so that we can send you a quote

STEP 3: If you accept the quote, you need to send us all the material that will be presented at the event for assessment

STEP 4: After the assessment, you will be sent an invoice with the CPD number.

STEP 5: You need to add this number to your Attendance Certificate. We recommend that you add it to the bottom sight-hand corner of your certificate.

STEP 6: After your payment is received, SAIMC will forward the documentation to ECSA to upload to their website.

  • Attendees then log their points on the ECSA website. (They should have received an e-mail from ECSA giving them their registration details for the ECSA portal when they registered with ECSA).
  • There are new rules that have been Gazetted regarding the CPD activities – see CPD Gazetted Rules


The CPD Service Provider is required to provide evidence of a comprehensive QMS related
to the administration and offering of CPD Activities. The QMS includes the following

  • A broad outline of the programme for the forthcoming year
    Quality assurance / strategies employed for the CPD Activities
  • Method for recording attendance
  • Intended mechanism for monitoring attendance (per hour or per session) for the
    duration of the activity
  • Proposed attendance register (with evidence of copy)
  • Attendance certificate that will be provided on completion of the activity
  • Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the CPD event
  • Database containing information of CPD Activities
  • – see CPD Gazetted Rules

Attendees: How to Log Points on ECSA Website 

  1. You should have received an e-mail from ECSA giving you your registration details for the ECSA portal when you registered with ECSA. If you do not have it, please contact ECSA.
  2. Log points on the ECSA website
  3. You will be required to upload your certificate when you apply for your points.

Q & A

  • Can I get any CPD points for presenting at engineering conferences or poster presentations?

Papers presented at engineering conferences / congresses or poster presentations (1 credit each) in Category 3

Also see ECSA rules on CPD

Which CPD courses has SAIMC registered and who gives them?