Critical Skills

South Africa has identified a range of skills that South Africa defines as Critical Skills for the country.

People often ask the SAIMC to provide them with a letter stating that they have one or more of these skills. 

Before the SAIMC can issue such a letter of confirmation, we need to assess whether the applicant actually has the critical skills required by South Africa. A qualification more often than not does not supply this confirmation. 

It is also often not sufficient to ask for a reference as the referee is not in the position to evaluate whether the person has those skills. Therefore the SAIMC has decided to use the Outcomes of ECSA’s professional registration as a guide to establish whether a person has the necessary skills that South Africa is in need of.

Please download the applicable Word document, complete that and send it to for assessment.

Due to the evaluation process and the number of applicants being received, this process could take up to two weeks to complete.


You also need to complete the document below and submit that to

The SAIMC only does this for members of the SAIMC and is a free of charge service for our members.

The SAIMC does not provide VISAs

You have to be a member of the SAIMC. If you are not, please apply on our website for membership. 



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