Caveman to Chatbot

We are looking for articles that could earn the contributor some cash while contributing to the preservation of interesting past events that shaped the automation industry through the years.

After intensive research to find an appropriate title for this series (we asked ChatGPT), we agreed on From Caveman to Chatbot. Articles should encompass  the following:

  • Main focus on how the industry has developed
  • Secondary focus on the author’s role in the industry (interesting stories)
  • Something meaty between 500 and 750 words

Chosen articles will be published online in the SAIMC’s official publication, South African Instrumentation and Control (I&C) magazine at in the SAIMC category, and in the online news brief.  They will also be sent out in the regular SAIMC newsletter.

The winning article will earn its author the Cuppa Award. Explanation: Cuppa is slang for ‘cuppa chino’. A person might not be able to do a lot with R1000 nowadays, but they certainly can have a cup of coffee with a friend!




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