True North

The SAIMC is excited to introduce a new product offering designed to provide comprehensive employee benefits to our valued members. In pursuit of this initiative, SAIMC has chosen TrueNorth Wealth Advisory (Pty) Ltd to oversee and administer this offering.

TrueNorth Wealth Advisory (Pty) Ltd, an independent Financial Services Provider (FSP50973), will be tasked with guiding our members through the implementation and administration processes. Their team of seasoned specialists, boasting over 40 years of combined industry expertise, is fully equipped to address the varied needs of our membership base.  Refer to their website ( for more information.


The product offering will include the following benefits:



The provident fund presents members with a significant opportunity to secure their financial future by actively saving for retirement. Within this framework, members can allocate a portion of their annual salary, ranging from 3% to 27.5%, and simultaneously capitalize on the tax advantages linked to these contributions.



SAIMC members will have access to an extensive group risk benefits package, comprising the following components:

  1. Life cover: provides protection in the unfortunate event of loss of life.
  2. Disability cover: ensures members are safeguarded in case of a disability that inhibits their capacity to earn an income.
  3. Dreaded disease Cover (optional): offers protection against heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc.
  4. Funeral benefits: offers financial assistance for funeral expense.

A portion of these benefits falls under the free cover limit, meaning that a member will not be obliged to undergo medical underwriting and will automatically qualify for this cover irrespective of his/her current underlying medical condition(s). This feature is particularly beneficial for members with pre-existing health conditions who might not qualify for life or disability cover through conventional channels.


MEDICAL AID (optional)

Members will have the option to access medical aid benefits on either a group or individual basis. This flexibility allows for tailored healthcare solutions that meet the unique requirements of each member.



To bridge the payment gaps in medical aid hospital cover, a gap cover benefit will be made available. This supplemental coverage ensures that members receive comprehensive financial protection, alleviating the burden of unexpected medical expenses.



SAIMC recognizes the importance of affordable healthcare for all members. Therefore, a medical assurance plan has been curated specifically for individuals earning less than R40 000 per month.

Some of the benefits of this plan includes:

  • Hospital cover of up to R1.5M at any private hospital.
  • Casualty amount of up to R30 000 per event.
  • Unlimited network doctor’s visits.
  • Unlimited prescribed medication.



Professional indemnity coverage shields professionals from liability stemming from their services, offering financial protection against losses suffered by clients due to errors, omissions, or negligence in the rendered services. This safeguarding of assets and reputation becomes crucial in mitigating legal claims or disputes arising from professional duties.


SAIMC is eager to introduce these benefits to our members and is currently assessing the level of interest among you, our valued members, to explore this offering further.

  • Tel: 012 007 2561 / 082 926 6133
  • E-Mail:
  • Web:



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