Education and Training

Interested in Continous Professional Development (CPD)?


SAIMC 2023 Goals

  • Link our suppliers to end users for value based partnerships (training and services)
  • Full operational training program
  • Registered automation degree
  • Exposure at schools and universities
  • Established partnership with end users to assist in recruitment and talent identification
  • 100 Bursaries
  • Creating content for technology evenings. Vendor independent


The SAIMC NPC is a proud member of the Automation Federation Board.

A Competency Model was created:

We support the following Automation Positions developed by the Automation Federation and industry:

The SAIMC joined forces with the NTIP Program after it became apparent that they had an excellent track record when it came to the education and training of expertise required by the tooling industry.

The SAIMC is a proud sponsor of the FIRST Tech Challenge in support of STEM.